Auburn Road Presbyterian Church (PCA), a local congregation in the body of Christ,
serves as a community of worship and fellowship, to manifest the presence and love
of Jesus, herald the good news of eternal life in Him, and to edify and exhort believers
in the ministry of good works towards the advancement of the kingdom of God
under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We welcome all to taste and see that the LORD is good.

———————————– Officers ———————————

Pastor Dwight Dolby

Ruling Elder Richard Gerdon

Ruling Elder Jim Robinson

Ruling Elder Chas Jaskulski

Ruling Elder [Clerk of Session] Gordon Graham

Deacon Steve Garris

Deacon [Treasurer] Dick Clendaniel

Deacon Bob Bittner

Deacon [Live-Stream Producer] Bill Klotz

 ———————————— Musicians ———————————

Kathy Jaskulski and David Dolby

————– Women’s Ministry Coordinator ————–

Regina Tubbs