———————————– Officers and Spouses ———————————

Pastor Dwight Dolby and Marcia

Assistant Pastor Jeff Krause and Jenny

Ruling Elder (Clerk of Session) Gordon Graham and Connie

Ruling Elder Chas Jaskulski and Kathy

Ruling Elder Jim Robinson and Brenda

Ruling Elder (Emeritus) Richard Gerdon and Francine

Deacon Steve Garris and Keeley

Deacon (Treasurer) Dick Clendaniel and Jean

Deacon Bob Bittner and Kathleen

Deacon Bill Klotz and Gina

———————————— Musicians ———————————

Kathy Jaskulski and David Dolby

———————————— Women’s Ministry Coordinator ———————————

Kathy Jaskulski

———————————— Women’s Bible Study Instructor ———————————

Regina Tubbs